Developers and Contractors

The role of the UAE construction industry in achieving SDG goals

$3.2 Trillion! That is the value of the contracting projects in the GCC as of June 2021.

It is clear the contracting industry is at a ripe moment and continues to grow and expand. The developers and contractors that will win are the ones that adapt and adhere to sustainable development and Net Zero goals.

Fortunately, the secret sauce is already known. Developers and contractors will need to implement sustainable procurement policies and programs.

Sustainable construction is becoming core criteria in the MENA region, with the UAE at the forefront. Developers and contractors that do not incorporate sustainable procurement will be unable to compete. Oscar provides a seamless technological breakthrough that fits easily into your existing procurement processes.

What does this mean for you? Simple. You can source and select credible sustainability vendors and proceed to RFP 4X faster than standard practice. Oscar removes the complexity and effort needed to assess suppliers—making your procurement process lean and efficient.

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Oscar was created by Sustainability experts for this very purpose

Furthermore, getting it wrong means losing out on lucrative projects for your organization. Or worse.  It may mean losing millions in revenue because you are working with suppliers that can’t deliver. Oscar continuously reviews and incorporates the latest local and international sustainability guidelines such as: 


All on auto-pilot for you.

The platform maps these guidelines according to categories and activities specifically designed for the contracting industry and then instantly creates custom supplier assessments specific to your client’s needs.

As such, Oscar is the only automated sustainable procurement solution in the UAE. But what if you have already identified a supplier that you’d like to work with? Again, Oscar takes this into consideration and fits it into your processes seamlessly.

If your supplier does not meet sustainability standards, Oscar will bring the suppliers in your database up to the required performance levels.

Benefits to you

The benefits of sustainable construction in the UAE extend beyond just sourcing and selecting suppliers for sustainability-focused projects. Oscar helps you create:

  • A positive image and reputation;
  • Lesser dependency on depleted resources;
  • Higher staff retention and attractiveness for new employees;
  • Efficient operations due to superior technologies and better-skilled staff;
  • Superior insight into market preferences and opportunities;
  • Advanced risk control against losses (e.g. environmental accidents, scandals, bad publicity, etc.);
  • Lower burden from changes in legislation;
  • Enhanced corporate social responsibility;
  • Business partnerships with other sustainably-minded entities;
  • Introduces global cooperation and growth in impact and influence;
  • Cheaper than ISO certifications or large specialized consultants.


As the industry evolves, automated sustainability procurement is an absolute necessity.

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The value extends into reducing your overall project costs and ensuring they are completed on time and within budget. In fact, organizations with strong sustainability performance show a 10% reduction in costs due to increased operational efficiency and waste reduction.

And the result?

These companies consistently demonstrate faster growth, higher valuations, and 10 – 20% higher margins compared to competitors. More importantly, it ensures business longevity for developers and contractors and the ability to easily adapt to unforeseen changes like the Covid pandemic.

In fact, 63% of corporates and 71% of suppliers stated that they were able to endure the Covid pandemic due to having these processes in place. 

Let’s set up a no-commitment demo to show you how you can do the same. Sustainable procurement has never been more important. Your organization and you will shine. 

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