Mitigate Supply Chain Risk and Grow your business Sustainably

Oscar is the MENA’s first automated sustainable procurement platform. We help you mitigate supply chain risk & align with national visions and net zero commitments. 

What we do

Oscar assesses suppliers on your behalf for sustainability and ESG related risks. We help you take informed decisions about potential partners, and avoid any unnecessary risks. 

Oscar can help you reduce negative social and environmental impact across your supply chain, where up to 70% of GHG emissions lie. Targeting your supply-chain will help you quickly achieve your Net Zero Targets!

Future proof your business by working with partners you can trust.  Oscar can also help you train and educate your suppliers, improving their performance over time. 

Our platform automatically generates reports for you and your stakeholders that align with international frameworks. This allows you to quickly and easily  report on your progress.


Oscar KYP​
Oscar KYP integrates our platform into your procurement process. Ensure that your suppliers align with your sustainability goals. As the newest member of your procurement team, Oscar automates your sustainable procurement and makes it easier to meet your sustainability goals!
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Oscar ESG​
Oscar ESG seeks to empower financial entities by collecting ESG data on potential investments and loans. The collected data is then provided to the financial entities, allowing them to make informed investment decisions and ensure the sustainability of their revenue streams.
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Oscar SDG​
We deliver valuable reportable SDG data to government entities through the use of our automated assessment process. We are helping the UAE and—the MENA region—stay committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.
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Why Oscar?

Automated and Standardized Solution

Oscar’s supplier due diligence platform allows clients to quickly assess suppliers for sustainability risks. 

Clients are able to quickly take an informed decision. 

Local Expertise

Our approach is extremely well suited to engaging with suppliers in developing economies. 

We have had significant success onboarding suppliers in several GCC companies. 

Verified Claims

Oscar is committed to helping our clients by ensuring that all claims made by suppliers are verified.

Our automated platform and specialist team make sure clients are aware of all risks. 

Click here to read our Public Commitment to reach Net Zero by 2030.

Our Methodology Aligns with

Internal Sustainability Reporting in line with Global Standards

Project Sustainability Certifications


Disclosures for International Funding

The UN Sustainable Development Goals 

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