Mitigate Supply Chain Risk and Grow your business Sustainably

Oscar is the MENA’s first automated sustainable procurement platform that mitigates supply chain risk & aligns with national visions and net zero commitments. We aspire to create a world where companies profit & grow sustainably. 


Oscar KYP

Oscar KYP adds a vital due diligence step to your procurement activities. Corporations and large-scale projects will ensure that suppliers vying for work will align with their sustainability goals. This step will provide the client with the ability to properly assess the risk exposure associated with specific suppliers. Oscar KYP automates your sustainable procurement and makes it easier to meet your sustainability goals!

Oscar ESG

Oscar ESG seeks to empower financial entities by collecting ESG data from potential investments—lending opportunities to their wider portfolio. 

The collected data is then provided to the financial entities, allowing them to make informed investment decisions and ensure the sustainability of their revenue streams.

Oscar SDG

We deliver valuable reportable SDG data to government entities through the use of our tech automated assessment process helping the UAE and—the MENA region—stay committed to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. 

Oscar SDG is designed with an invested focus on the UAE construction industry and a full intent to provide developers, contractors, and suppliers for the construction industry with a simple solution for complex sustainability requirements.

Why Oscar?

Leader in Sustainable Procurement

Oscar provides a solution fully compliant with international best practices and sustainability standards while maintaining a localized approach to help corporate clients make impactful corporate social responsibility decisions. Oscar makes it easy for clients in the GCC and the MENA region to implement sustainable development goals (SDG) to ensure economic durability.

Local Expertise

Oscar team harnesses its regional sustainability expertise in general and the UAE in particular to develop the clients’ due diligence protocols. Our digitally automated, easy-to-follow protocol aids in simplifying the data gathering process and eases the burden of data collection on both the procurer and the supplier. In turn, drastically saving time and resource investment on allocated projects for all stakeholders whether developers, contractors, or suppliers.

Commitment to Change

Oscar is committed to helping our clients, and their partners, meet the ideals set under the UN Sustainable Development Goals, the UAE Visions for 2021 and 2071, and UAE Net Zero 2050. We do this by constantly updating, improving and enhancing our platform with the latest in sustainability guidelines, frameworks and KPIs.

Oscar Supports you with:

Internal Sustainability Reporting in line with Global Standards

Project Sustainability Certifications

Disclosures for International Funding

Oscar has been developed in line with the UN SDGs

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